Audio Research Refernce 75se


i just heard Ref75 she that I would like to buy.

It has some quite buzz noise when u stand really close to the amp, and if u put the ear close to it you can hear it.

the seller said it is normal.. any experience with it?



I wish I could.

I’m not from the US and I’m limited.

talked to the owner of the Ref75 se he connected it for 5 hours in seperate place and he said there was 0 noise after 4-5 hours of running. anyway im taking it for a verfied ARC mechanic to check it out. then im gonna do a sound test compare to the VX-5 twenty and choose 1 :D

Ask seller if it possible to look inside…so you could figure out where the buzzing comes from….  buzzing could come from one of the warming up tubes… if so that is not a problem at all. 

De-lamination of the transformer is very likely. I owned a Counterpoint 5000 preamp years ago that started to develop a mechanical buzz that didn’t come through the speakers. It turned  out that this was a known problem with this transformer. And it was not a cheap Chinese unit, but a high end made in USA transformer. Sh_t  happens!