Audio Research VS115 and VT100 Questions ?

I've owned a VT100 for 10 years, and it needs new tubes (or an upgrade.) The tubes have not failed, and it still works, but I saw and smelt smoke comming off of one of the boards.
(I was pushing it real hard into Sound Labs using a Wadia CD player with no preamp (just the volume on the Wadia)

I'm considering buying the VS115. The AR dealer near me is somewhat new to the brand and doesn't know much yet.

Does the VS115 amp require a 20amp plug in the wall?
What if I don't have a 20 amp recepticle? Can I use a cheater?

Does AR still offer upgrades to the VT100?
(I know I sould call them)

I like the box design of the VT series better than the open plate layout of the VS series. Should I just buy a new amp and forget about the VT100?
The VS 115 is far better than any of the VT100series amps.
It gives the ref110 a run for it's money!
In answer to the plug question. The amp end is 20 amp but the wall end is a regular 3 prong plug.

I replaced my VT100 with a used Ref110. An option to consider...