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I was watching the Audiophiliac's video  titled, "So you want to be an audio reviewer" by Steve Guttenberg,  In it he said he doesn't do negative reviews.  Thus many of the products he listens to never are put to paper, or a video created about.  That got me thinking in general about reviews.  Based on his video should I presume if I do not see a review by any of the primary reviewers I should just stay clear from that product?  It seems many of the reviewers like Schiit, Zu, Tekton and the reviews for these products are numerous.  Are they really the best at their price point, or its it dangerous to buck the trend and state something differently.  

Specific to reviewers not liking a product, I have found products they have liked and that same product either at an audio show, or at an audiophiles home I have ended up being disappointed.   I suppose it could be expectation, but I try to listen multiple times before passing judgement.  Speakers that have fallen in to this category - 

Joseph Audio Perspective -thought I would like, but based on a price/performance ratio I felt they were underachievers.  
Ryan R620 (extremely disappointed.  Such that I feel I must hear again as either the room, or upstream setup was flawed).
Zu Druids ( I have heard in locations I loved and other times they fell flat).  They are on my short list to buy based on their look and those moments I really liked.
Gallo 3.1 (I bought based on the reviews and never was able to love, even after changing amps).

Back to reviewers - I like watching, or reading reviews from John Darko, New Day Records (he seems to be the most honest, but at times rambles), Part-time Audiophile, Michael Fermer at Analogue Planet (my favorite audiophile personality), and at times I will watch Steve Guttenberg (his review videos are extremely light and/polite, but I do enjoy when he visits \audiophile homes.  I used to follow 6moons quite a bit, but I have found their recent reviews off the mark and rarely seek out their site these days.  My recollection on 6moons is they used to have much more substance, but these days their reviews are filled with pics and light on content.  Maybe it's just a few of their reviewers. 

I suppose it is easier being a "half-cup" full reviewer and not talking about the negative.  Dwelling on and extensively talking about what you dislike probably discourages designers from sending you products and not providing access (I have no idea since I don't review). I seem to recall when 10 Audio gave Harbeth's 30s a 4 out of 10 - the backlash from owners and Harbeth followers was swift and harsh  -  I however found it refreshing, not that I agreed, but it seemed to buck the trend, especially on a speaker company that has a large following. 

HI Mindless- please DO give the Ryan R620 speakers another chance.  I have heard them numerous times and they always sounded wonderful to me.  It must have been either room or equipment that disappointed you.  You might also want to listen to the Endeavor E3 now being sold by Von Schweikert Audio which is also exceptional sounding.  As for your topic, unless I read a reviewer's work for a number of years and get to know his taste in music and music reproduction, I find most reviews to be entertainment more than informational.  Seems like many of them go to great lengths to find the most obscure tracks to use to evaluate a component so that also tends to obfuscate the results.
Good point on music selection.  Difficult to like a speaker if you dislike the music coming from it.

As far as Ryan speakers- I will give them another chance as I seem to be in the minority.  I heard them in a near field setup with what I thought to be a poor selection of music.  I perceived the room less then ideal, sitting far too close to the speakers.  
Interesting post.
I for one, have given any advice given by alumni of Sound by Singer minimal thought.

Dwelling on and extensively talking about what you dislike probably discourages designers from sending you products and not providing access
I think that sums it up...
I guess I'm rather naive. I am amazed that manufacturers actually pay cash for reviews. Why not just buy some ad time ,and do an infomercial?? This was brought to light in a recent "review" on a pair of tekton speakers. It seems losing ethics and morals are the cost of appearing successful. And that goes for both parties involved.