AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW and $50 to spend.........

i found this website....

looks like the guy who does the reviews plays with a pink panther figurine all the time... its a okay movie...but i dont like it too much. the reviews are so hard to figure out. i am lost for words and not totally understanding what i am reading. basically it seems like he does not like most of the audio products.

can i get AMAZING sound quality for only $50 ? my bank told me i cant make any wife took control. now she is not talking to me. and she locked my bedroom drawer with a little more cash. but i have $50 so i can buy something online for my JVC earbuds...i have the JVC Gumy PLUS. the sound quality is premium but i want more. i am thinking of a DIVORCE. if my wife is not going to CHANGE!!

can someone help me find a good value audio product. i need some help. also the audio store told me "do not return" i dont know what is wrong with them. i said they were not very helpful. then the MANAGER said how can I HELP YOU?? i said...i have a team of audiophiles already helping guys...

please help. thank you.i am so greatful.


ASR again? I wonder if many treads including this one were created purposely here by the ASR members. No value but to stir up the crowd for their entertainment.


I think it's worth taking a step back and asking: why is anyone triggered by the appearance of ASR discussions in the first place?


It seems to me to be a very odd reaction.   Why should the letters "ASR" or discussions of that forum "stir up" anyone?  That doesn't seem to be a mature reaction.  Audiophiles aren't some monolith who all agree on everything and use precisely the same approach.  There should be room for all sorts of approaches. If someone doesn't agree with something just add that opinion, no need to be "stirred up." 



I’m learning so much from you.

Are you on by a chace?

Would like to leave you a review... lol

if that’s strawman, your arguments are scarecrow


If I were a professor and you were in my class, you'd get demerit marks for ad hominem, instead of addressing the argument ;-)

It’s hilarious how everyone forgot about poor digitalvipers very important trolling post to rant about ASR!



ASR provides a perspective, that’s all. It’s only one tool in your toolbox to evaluate a device. Not sure why some folks can’t see why the measurements matter in some cases, and not in others. If a company is promising high level performance on their product but the measurements clearly show that the device is not capable of doing what they claim, you can possibly save some money on the snake oil you almost bought. Audio as we know is not all about measurements or specs, but those specs and measurements in many cases can be an indicator of other things. I have a bunch of great gear that may not measure worth a crap.