Audio Science Review = Rebuttal and Further Thoughts

@crymeanaudioriver @amir_asr You are sitting there worrying if this or that other useless tweak like a cable makes a sonic difference.

I don’t worry about my equipment unless it fails. I never worry about tweaks or cables. The last time I had to choose a cable was after I purchased my first DAC and transport in 2019.  I auditioned six and chose one, the Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria. Why would someone with as fulfilling a life as me worry about cables or tweaks and it is in YOUR mind that they are USELESS.

@prof "would it be safe to say you are not an electrical designer or electrical engineer? If so, under what authority do you make the following comment" - concerning creating a high end DAC out of a mediocre DAC.

Well, I have such a DAC, built by a manufacturer of equipment and cables for his and my use. It beat out a $9,000 COS Engineering D1v and $5,000 D2v by a longshot. It is comparable to an $23,000 Meridian Ultradac. Because I tried all the latter three in comparison I say this with some authority, the authority of a recording engineer (me), a manufacturer (friend) and many audiophiles who have heard the same and came to the same conclusion.

Another DAC with excellent design engineer and inferior execution is the Emotiva XDA-2. No new audio board but 7! audiophile quality regulators instead of the computer grade junk inside, similar high end power and filter caps, resistors, etc. to make this into a high end DAC on the very cheap ($400 new plus about the same in added parts).

@russ69 We must be neighbors. I frequented Woodland Hills Audio Center back in the 70s and 80s. I heard several of Arnie’s speakers including a the large Infinity speakers in a home.


I did a little research. I have heard the Genelec 8351b.  One of the best speakers I've ever heard no matter the price. Purely subjective opinion. They used an AKM chip that cost around $3.50 in bulk? Not sure if they still do since the fire at AKM, so I can say a $3.50 DAC Chip is transparent enough for me and thousands of audio engineers worldwide. 

You never answered the question. Which is fine. I know your answer. You just don’t want to sound ridiculous. I understand.


I can’t really imagine how anyone who has ever pressed “play” on a digital system can take you guys seriously. Absurd


So it’s $3.50 now? Three American dollars and fifty cents? Yup. Your original two dollars two year ago adjusted for inflation 🤦‍♂️

Yes, inflation hits hard, who knows those AKM chips might have been $2.00 then. I answered the question, not about that particular chip but I am sure there have been $2.00 that were transparent enough for me since I don't know every chip used in every device. Those PCM 1704 chips audiophiles wet their pants over were about $10 in bulk. 

If audio is part of your life -great 

If audio is your life than you don't really have one !

OK got it. We established it’s $3.50 for a DAC chip. How much one should spend maximum for a DAC “machine” to get “transparent” sound? Ballpark. Does not have to be super accurate. Plus / minus 25 cents.