Audio Science Review = Rebuttal and Further Thoughts

@crymeanaudioriver @amir_asr You are sitting there worrying if this or that other useless tweak like a cable makes a sonic difference.

I don’t worry about my equipment unless it fails. I never worry about tweaks or cables. The last time I had to choose a cable was after I purchased my first DAC and transport in 2019.  I auditioned six and chose one, the Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria. Why would someone with as fulfilling a life as me worry about cables or tweaks and it is in YOUR mind that they are USELESS.

@prof "would it be safe to say you are not an electrical designer or electrical engineer? If so, under what authority do you make the following comment" - concerning creating a high end DAC out of a mediocre DAC.

Well, I have such a DAC, built by a manufacturer of equipment and cables for his and my use. It beat out a $9,000 COS Engineering D1v and $5,000 D2v by a longshot. It is comparable to an $23,000 Meridian Ultradac. Because I tried all the latter three in comparison I say this with some authority, the authority of a recording engineer (me), a manufacturer (friend) and many audiophiles who have heard the same and came to the same conclusion.

Another DAC with excellent design engineer and inferior execution is the Emotiva XDA-2. No new audio board but 7! audiophile quality regulators instead of the computer grade junk inside, similar high end power and filter caps, resistors, etc. to make this into a high end DAC on the very cheap ($400 new plus about the same in added parts).

@russ69 We must be neighbors. I frequented Woodland Hills Audio Center back in the 70s and 80s. I heard several of Arnie’s speakers including a the large Infinity speakers in a home.


Now head on back to ASR ladies.

Nobody left to save at ASR. They are all saved (I.e. converted). Thus need to go places. Finding other poor souls to save

Ballpark? Bare bones  $130 Schiit Modi 3e, $140 Topping D10 balanced. There could be cheaper ones, I don't pay a lot of attention to DACs anymore. I would prefer the Topping only because it's balanced.

I use the DAC in my Rotel preamp I think it's some TI chip . It has the features I need, balanced out, 12v trigger, volume control. 

Think these guys know a thing ot two.

Really? Took me 30 minutes to get them to understand I didn’t need a network player with a DAC since I was using it with active speakers with DSP. Kept telling me their 680 would sound so much better. They eventually had a light bulb moment and agreed the Mind2 was all I needed. Waste of time anyway I returned it.