Audio Sensibility vs. Signal Cable speaker cable

These are two relatively new audio cable companies. Signal Cable offers a speaker cable called the "Ultra" which has generated some review comments and customer testimonials. Audio Sensibility's Testament speaker cable has only one review in "Stereo Times". Both claim to offer sound quality that is far superior to the much more expensive major brand cables.

Has anyone used, or auditioned either one of these cable brands?? Audio Sensibility's "Testament" cable seems better built and substantial compared to the Signal Cable "Ultra speaker cable, though the latter is much less expensive

However, the question is whether either can provide high-end sound quality worthy of high end speakers
I use Audio Sensibility Impact and Testament interconnects, analogue and digital, as well some power cords Steve Huang, the owner, has made up for me using Neotech and Furutech wire. Not inclined to experiment with cables any more. Associated equipment: Esoteric K-03X, Esoteric C-03X with phono, Technics SP-10MKII/Audiomods Micrometer/Grace F9/Soundsmith, Luxman T-117, Meyer Sound Labs X-10T powered speakers, Torus RM20 BAL, two dedicated 20A AC lines.
I have replaced the Signal Cables with Clear Day in my system, of course, at a higher price point. But the truth of timbre was what won me over.
I have always found that "boutique" type cable vendors offer the biggest bang for the buck and that's why Signal Cable and Audio Sensibility have a devout following. I know there are better and more expensive cables out there and everything is system dependant. I've owned some pretty expensive cables in my day, well expensive for me at $1K a pair but I can say that after acquiring Audio Sensibility's Statement SE digital and interconnect cables I don't see the need to make further changes. With the U.S. dollar trading at 20% better at the moment the deal by purchasing Canadian made cables, again IMHO, is a no brainer to me.

No vested interest in the company - just a satisfied customer.
I use Audio Sensibility statement silver interconnect in my system (total cost around $35k). IMO they are very very good.
I use Signal Cable from top to bottom in my system.
They are excellent cables.