Audio shops in Boston

I'm going to Boston this weekend and would like to visit some audio shops ( what else). Could you please steer me in the right direction?
Goodwins High end
Spearit Sound
Natural Sound
Fidelis (NH)

Not all in Boston proper but they're all within 1/2 hr of the city or so ifyou have a car.
I live in Boston.

There is Goodwins high end in waltham

Natural Sound in Fraimingham sells McIntosh gear but I was not impressed with there store, all there equipment was very abused, (broken glass on a MC2102, burnt meters on a C2200 they had some XLR30 speakers shoved in the back behind a bunch of other stuff. just a big mess.

There are a bunch of others but I have not been to them so I can't say.

There are all kinds of smaller shops around too. I would pick a brand, go to there website and and use the dealer locator that most sites have.

I have had two great experiences at Goodwin's High End. They treat me well even though I am quite young.

They also have a wide variety of equipment and some well-thought out listening rooms.
at least visit one of the 'hundreds' of historical sights. a trip to any hi end store(even goodwin's) in boston won't be something that will enrich you in any manner.
Last night I watched a documentary on Boston on the hi def ch HDNET.They covered a lot of places;but zero stereo emporiums.--Guess we need to talk to the maker and explain to him/her--re.what is important.
Check out Audio Studio at 414 Harvard Avenue in Brookline, just outside of downtown Boston. Owned and operated by Mikhael Shabani, who also owns and designs Morel speakers.
Thanks everybody.
Isn't Goodwin's the main historic attraction in Boston?
Jaybo, are you saying Boston does have history?
the most unique thing about boston is that the entire population is addicted to dunkin' donuts. i swear i've never seen so many in my life. its pretty creepy. 'are you eating it, or is it eating you?'-larry cohen
Depends what you like...Ralph Spear at Goodwins and his staff are real approachable and sell bottom end to top end esoteric gear..on Comm Ave on the BU Campus....Goodwin's High End on Main Street in Waltham has great listening rooms but you need to call ahead...Fidelis is way up there in NH and Walter is geared to home theater to survive. I've bought gear from all three shops.
Boston is a music city, if you like jazz, try Scullers or the Regatta Bar in Harvard Square....many other venues for just about anything.Have fun
The strangest thing about Boston is watching a sales person at one of the smaller audio shops stand next to some $12K pair of speakers and say that their shop is NOT really a high-end audio shop.

The biggest shop in-town is Speartsound (solid state mostly) I think they're the biggest Krell dealer. They have rows of B&W, Dali, Theil speakers lined up all around the the walls.

Goodwin's Audio (uh, is that what $125K wilson speakers look like!) you may have to wait to get into one of their listening rooms. Make an appointment.

I'd check ahead for acts playing at Scullers or Regatta Bar in that order.
Heading to Boston for the first time in many years.

This thread goes back many years. Any updates???

Any new shops worthy of checking out? Any of those previously listed, no longer in the area, or in business?