Audio shops, manufacturers LP shops etc. in OC

We've decided to do a last minute trip to California and will be in Rancho Santa Margarita for the week. My other passion from running an audio shop is flyfishing and I'm assuming the opportunities to fish there are non exsistant, so I might as well do some "business" as a break:)

Can anyone share some shops, manufacturers, distributors, LP shops in the area?

Everyone needs a holiday from there holiday right:)

Thanks in advance!
Fred Kat of Katli Audio in Chino Hills. Wonderful guy. Friendly. Honest. Carries all the good stuff. JM Lab/Focal, MBL, Accuphase, Usher, Cardas, and the list goes on. I purchased a pair of MBL 101e Mk2's from him a few years ago. Best customer service EVER! Call him first 'cause he's a busy guy. Has several listening rooms. Tell him Mike sent you. Cheers!