Audio software vinyl to c/d

Looking for a software program for transferring my vinyl to c/d with the option of limiting pops and crackles without killing the headroom and sound range.
The ones friends have told me about really hurt the mid to upper tones while limiting/masking the crackles/pops.
and most set the music into an mp3 file.. great for the I pod but i'd rather non compressed music to the c/d other than the rate the c/d would be.
I have a ton of vinyl from my era and before, bunch of 50's 45's and my Grandma's big band collection. that I'd like to transfer over to cd. i'd use my dvdr recorder if I thought that format wasn't going to be dead and finding players down the line being a p.i.t.a.
Also my dad wants to transfer his vinyl and 8 tracks over to c/d and refuses ipods/flash drives etc. he wants c/d's for in his truck.. must be the age group. as he always had a case of 8 tracks in the vehicles, lol.
Any help and insite here would be great.
I have a c/d audio HiFi recorder the limiting factor there is it doesn't have any way to remove/limit the pops/crackles from the source material, and with many albums long since out of print that I had as a teen and while a DJ they have some crackle/pops from not the best handling.
Hi, this one is supposed to be pretty good...I am sure there are others...

Personally I prefer cd's in my car...they sound better...the ipod interface always sounds weak to me...
I used LP-recorder and LP-ripper to get the LPs into wav files and then processed them with Adobe Audition using the built-in functions to eliminate the pops and clicks. If you do it right, there is no degradation of the sound quality. This can be a very laborious process, but with very good results.
@Jfrech, I hear ya on the c/d's sounding better than an ipod, but in this case the vehicle in question is a 1971 chevy c-10 pick up, not the best acoustic environment for music , the c/d's will stay home, and be used there.

and everyone thanks for the help..
I have done this several times on over 100 favorite LPs... You can use anything from Garageband (for free if you have a mac) or any regular audio editing app.

There are a variety of plug ins which will help with noise reduction, or you can hone in and edit the pops directly in the waveform, but this is very time consuming.

If you are listening in the car only, I would just record them as is, and enjoy.. unless you have a Naim system in your Bentley!