Audio / Stereo Rack

Hello, I recently found out that the solidsteel rack or stand I ordered has yet to be built, 7 months after ordering. I am looking for a double-wide rack or stand that will hold my system including two heavy monoblocks. I am looking for a double wide unit that has 3 or 4 shelves not including the top. I am wanting something that can be ordered now and can be made and provided quickly. Any suggestions would be much appreciated and very helpful.

Thank you!



I have reached out to Paul at Adona and am waiting for a price.  The carrying capacity of their systems is impressive.  Although I prefer the look of wood the shelves are made of granite and MDF for a product that appears to be sonically superior.  We will see what he comes back with to see if it is affordable.

For 3 decades I used a Solid Steel Vertical rack, but over time I replaced the supplied shelves with various exotic shelving. About a year ago I decide to explore horizontal rack. I found a guy on Nextdoor selling a DIY solid maple table 2' x 6' x 2" . I only used the top and picked up a pair of matching iron frame book ends, which I put on Harbor Freight dollys: AWESOME. See my Virtual system pics

Pretty happy with my butcher block acoustics rack. They can be expensive for a custom setup. They do blocks for mono amps too. I sent them an email and they called to walk though my build. You can see my rack in my virtual system. 

I found a very nice looking and solid wood and steel unit (no veneer) labeled Nautica brand my gear is now on at Home Sense for less than $350. A steal! I’d check out places like that. You never know. Furniture marketed to audiophiles may be of very good quality but almost always carry a premium price for what you get.