Audio Stores in Virginia Beach, VA area?

Anyone know of any audio stores in the Virginia Beach, VA area? I'm going to be in the area for business and would like to visit some stores.
Yep, traveled there for 4 years on business, and there used to be one on Highway 13 (Military Trail) of I-64 who sold Rega, Mac, and I think Linn, but it may not still be there. I was not super impressed, but it was not that bad.
If you have time to travel about 1 1/2 hours past Va Beach, you can go to Richmond and spend some time at Audio Art with Tim Harrison. I have dealt with him for the past decade. He has a great audio room at the back of his home and carries Sonus Faber, Vandersteen, Ayre, Spendor, Avalon, Jeff Rowland, Rega, etc. Very interesting guy to deal with and great at doing demos. Good consignment stuff too.
Audiowoman I actually purchased a Rowland Consummate preamp from Tim years ago. I agree Tim is an interesting guy. Need to give him a call.
Whenever I go to an audio store away from home, I buy something, if only stylus cleaner, detox, few 180gm pressings etc.
There was a time I walked into one in Chicago, fully just looking, and walked out with a 2k preamp.