audio switcher

wondering if anyone uses an audio switcher and if so what they are using. i have the analog sources and only one analog input on my dac/preamp. it would be used for phono, ipod, and an internet radio box.
Like Aps7k I have used a Niles AXP-1 input selector for switching sources. I was surprised as to it's weight and build quality. I thought it was going to be some lightweight switch box but it was quite solid. I've had no issues sound wise at all with it.
I had asked the same question and ended up with the Goldpoint. It works flawlessly, no degrading the sound.
Good luck, John
I got a reasonable deal on an older PS pre amp. I use it to feed into my Sophia Baby via the tape out on the pre. It works whether or not I turn it on. But I found I could use a Sub with this. I do have to use both the volumn control on the amp and the pre. It's working well in my situation. I paid more for an extra IC cable than I did for the pre.

I dodged a few unecessarily complicated and/or expensive bullets trying to find a suitable device.

I then discovered that one high priced option was basically a rebadged Niles AXP-1.

As Jedinite 24 points out, it is surprisingly sturdy and for < 1/3 the price of the Goldpoint, for example, made the most sense to me.