Audio valve challenger thoughts

I've been thinking about pairing these amps with my Wilson
WP7's.any Ideas.
They are superb amps, but whether they would have synergy with WP7's, I do not know. That said, WP's tend to work very well with good tube amps.

I owned the Baldur 70 mono blocks, back in 2005
I can say that I was a Krell guy for years, and when I heard these I bought them on the spot

They were amazing, a tube midrange with a Krell bass slam

great amps , don't know about pre-amps
or the Challengers

Hope this helps
I ran AudioValve Challengers with W/P6s for a time and really enjoyed the combination. Plenty of power, nice soundstage and a rich, robust tonality.
It's really easy to roll the output tubes so you can have a lot of fun obsessing over which type or brand of tube suits you best. I ended up with Svetlana KT-88s. Wasn't too thrilled with the bordello color scheme, however. The W/P7s are a little more polite on the top end than the 6s but I think the Challengers would be a good match.

FWIW the Eclipse preamp is a very fine performer and is seriously underrated in my estimation.