Audio/Video Rack

I am looking to replace my current A/V furniture with an A/V rack. My goal is to: 1. better control vibration, 2. Make cable/component changes easier, and 3. not have to move a gigantic piece of furniture this summer. I investigated Townshend products but they are a bit out of my price range. I'd like to stay in the $500 or less range for new or used.
Michael Green Designs has the justarack and deluxe justarack as well as some designer jobs. Smaller ones, especially used, will fit your budget. By the way, I want to know more about Osclib's modified TNT FlexTable. Regards.
The Flexy Table is an easy to build rack that can be found at It is similar in build to the Michael Green racks. The directions on the TNT-Audio site are in metric so here are the sustitutions I made. Get 3' sections of 3/4" threaded steel rod from Home Depot or hardware store. These are about $7 a piece. Get matching nuts and washers. I could not find the neoprene washers that they suggest. Use 3/4" MDF as the shelving. They can cut it at the store for free. I treated the undersides of the shelves with car undercoating spray for additional dampening. Paint the shelves however you want. 1 quart of paint should do. For just audio equipment, I would suggest their design but for an A/V rack I would use 6 threaded rods and a double thick piece on top for the TV. Mine is sturdy enough to hold a 240lb TV as well as the rest of my equipment. Good luck and and feel free to ask for any more details.
Osclib, you have inspired me to take a trip to Home Depot. This looks like a great table that I can design to fit my own needs. Thanks.