AudioAero Capitale II vs Muscial Fidelity Tri-Vist

aside from the trivista offering SACD (which at this point I am ambivalent about), what say you about comparing these? Forget about the built-in preamp of the AA (I intent on having a separate pre in either case).

Assuming they are both plugged into a top-notch preamp, both playing redbook CD - which would you prefer and why?
It seems they both have very similar qualities....

thanks - Art
I traded in my Conrad-Johnson D/A-3 for the MF Tri-Vista 21 DAC. The MF blew away the CJ. However, when I took the CJ to my dealer that day, he didn't have one in stock and had to order it.

While I was there, I had him hook up my CJ and I compared it to the Tri-Vista SACD. I wouldn't have even considered trading the CJ in on the Tri-Vista SACD.

You might consider the MF Tri-Vista 21 with a transport rather than the Tri-Vista SACD. I think you might be very, very surprised.
I have a tri-vista sacd and dcs delius/purcell. I prefer the tri-vista. It sounds more natural, warm and emotionally engaging while the DCS is accurate and faithful to the recording it doesn't get my foot tapping.