Has anyone done business with ?
great prices on Lyra cartridges.
Thanks, jon
I bought a Lyra Titan from them. The diamond came off and if there is a warranty for it, I couldn't find how to use it. I contacted Lyra Japan directly and the U.S. distributer, Musical Surroundings, and there was no valid warranty.
Agaffer, How old was your Titan? Did you contact audiocubes? What did audiocubes have to say about it?
The Titan was less than 6 mos. old. I see that I said that Musical Surroundings was the U. S. distributer that I contacted, I had forgotten that it was Immedia.
Audiocubes, rightly so, said they were only the seller and that warranty issues are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Lyra never answered my e-mails. Immedia said that they only honored warranties on cartridges that they distributed, not ones purchased overseas or through the internet.
Immedial also gave me the following web address at Lyra. One I suggest you go to and read:
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