Audioengine A2 Speakers - Welcome To My Office

My new Audioengine A2 speakers arrived yesterday and I'm really impressed with them. I really didn't have any expectations since I had only read a few very positive reviews about them and figured that I could always send them back. In the new year they will be going to cube farm where I spend my days to replace my current Bose dock. I didn't really need an upgrade for work, but figured that I might as well blow my birthday money on audio gear and I'm all set at home. I listen to music all day at work on my iPod so I'm expecting that these little speakers will be a HUGE improvement.

My review based on my small amount of listening time is that they are audiophile approved in the near field, but as expected don' really have the capacity to satisfy in a room venue. They will, however, create excellent background music in the larger spaces. Rather than produce boomy bass they seem to keep it really tight without trying to overcompensate. There's limits to what such a small driver can do, but I would have guessed that it was far less than these can do. If I had to pick a negative aspect it would be the vocal reproduction and that's still pretty great. Voice just seem to be pushed deep into the background, at least in the current setup. Right now I have them sitting on top of a bookcase about ear height. Critical listening is done standing about 3 feet from the speakers, this seemed to be about as far as the sweet spot extends. From this point in they really come alive and suck you into the music. I can hardly wait to give them a shot in my work cube, but everything is being remodeled currently so until it's done they will be at home.

If you are at all interested or thinking about purchasing a set of Audioengine speakers, I would suggest pulling the trigger. I think you'll be happy that you did.
I too am a fan of these little speakers (although I lost them to my daughter at college!). Did you get the rubber stands that angle the speakers up at you from desk height? These make a big difference. I'd also give them a chance to break in before any final decisions regarding the vocals. Dick
Having a pair of A2s for my iMac setup for the last year or so and liking what I hear is making me consider getting a pair for my new Plasma TV instead of a soundbar.

There are some good Toslink to RCA adaptors on amazon that won't break the bank and when you add the cost of the A2s and adaptor, you still come out with something smaller and better sounding than a competitively priced soundbar.

I'm going to experiment over the holiday weekend when my Plasma arrives and will get back with the results.

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Nonoise, take a look at the Zvox line of products. I think, in most circumstances, this makes more sense than a sound bar.
I do have the angled stands, but they are still in the box waiting for the trip to work in January. The more I listen the more I like them, it's too bad I work in a cube farm rather than having my own office. Maybe it's time to move up!

The vocals on some CDs are excellent and others they don't seem to be as good as the rest of the music. Every speaker has good and bad so I'm not complaining in any way, just an observation from my ears.

I would think the A5+ model would be a better fit for a TV/Home theater?
I've got the A5 model for my TV. For TV use in most rooms I think you'll definitely need the 5 instead of the 2, which is just too small, sorry to say - more bass, more room filling sound. Yes they're larger and more noticeable but the difference is well worth it.

I've got my 5s on small speaker stands in front of the TV and feel I'm getting real audiophile sound from the 5s, even from cable.
Congrats on your A2's. I just got a pair of A5+'s 2 days ago.

Out of the box was nice and seem to be getting better as they "age". I think we have a couple of winners here.
I tired the A2s in every position imaginable and they're too big and a bit unsightly in my system. I already have the TV between my speakers and was just wanted to better the sound of my TV speakers.

When I get my new plasma tomorrow, I'll just have to judge whether the TVs internal speakers are good enough for casual viewing as I use my main, and only, system for HT with the blu ray.

I may go for something like Djohnson54 recommends like a Zvox or one of the newer sound bars coming out next year.

All the best,
I've considered the A5+ after "losing" my A2's to my daughter. Still trying to decide if they will be too big for my desktop. I did try the A2's with my TV a couple of times and they sounded pretty good (within reason) with Pink Floyd's Pulse concert DVD and a couple of movies in my 15x17 family room. I'm not really into TV and home theater so it was just an experiment. The A5's should be even better but the Zvox will have fewer "placement issues." I'm sure the true HT buffs would look down their nose at them though. All of these are very high up on the cost-benefit curve.

I.brought the Lose dock home today in anticipation of moving out of the cube farm onto temporary tables for a few weeks.

The side by side A to B comparison wasn't even fun because it wasn't even close. My wife, when forced to listen, described the dock as tiny (10E, not sure about spelling) when I switched the ipod from the speakers to the dock and then WOW when I switched back on a different song.

It is amazing how much better sound can be had for 2/3 the price.

I can't wait for the office to get finished so that I can take the speakers to work!
I've had my 5+'s for a week now. I'm not hurrying the break-in process, guessing around 30 hours or so. Bass got better. Still liking the sound.

One thing I find interesting: These seem to change from just average to real nice during the first 5-10 minutes from a cold start. Haven't paid attention if it changes much coming from standby.

Do yours do anything like that?

The reason I find it interesting is because I have both tube and class A ss amps and while they change from cold to warm, it's not as dramatic as the A5+'s.

Not an issue and could be part of the break-in process.