Audioengine A5+ OR Adam Artist5 ???

Audioengine A5+ OR Adam Artist5 ??? they both sounds,which way I should go?. any thoughts, thanks.
Just put the A5+ on my desktop this past week. Replaces the A2. More than pleased at the performance. As a computer desktop it is alive, clear, and full-bodied. While I do listen to music from this computer most of my "critical" listening is done elsewhere. I like them and from what I read they get better as they break in.
I started with Audioengine A2+ which were good but I wanted "more" so I upgraded to Audioengine A5+. The A5's sounded pretty good out of the box, but they just get better and better as they break in. I'm using two BDR cones under the front of each speaker and one of Herbie's sliding "pucks" in the rear. The speakers flank a large (35") monitor on my desktop and are about 8" from the rear wall.

I use the speakers as computer speakers to listen to music while I work, but IMO they're good enough for a main system in a small room. They rock, they roll, and are also great for classical music, jazz, and solo instruments like guitar and piano. The speakers come with a nifty little remote control which is useful when I roll my chair back to "the sweet spot." One other thing: customer service is superb.

I am very happy with these speakers.
Further thought. I just placed my A5's on foam yoga blocks with a pair of Black Diamond Racing Cones under the front of the blocks. Imaging is even better as is overall frequency response. More happiness.