Audiogon Anti-Lowball Offer setting

Hey everyone,

I don’t know if you all saw this but I got an e-mail from A’gon stating they have a new feature in place to hinder insane lowball offers.

After you log in go to your Account and select Edit Account. Then scroll down in the Policies section there is a check box to automatically reject lowball offers.


Lowball offers

Automatically reject offers below 55% of your asking price,

I wish this could be user specific. I would have set this to 45% off of listing price for my tastes but it is a start for Audiogon.

Well after close to a year since this thread has started I have found what the vultures are doing now to get around the setting is just messaging you their lowball offers. They don't even greet you or say anything. They just blurt out their offer. Oh well this is the times we live in.
You can always counteroffer with a price 50% higher than your asking price.
This always seems to be fairly amusing.   ;^)
I string them along for weeks, like as soon as I get back from vaca, or wait till the ad expires. Maybe I'll take an even lower offer if the item does not sell. A few bucks is one thing but lowballing is BS.
I got flamed for this awhile back on the same subject but I found over the years a certain nationality ALWAYS lowballed me 95% of the time over the rest. I can't make this crap up.
Hi Samzx12. I used to think the lowballing was due to a certain nationality as well but in my experience lowballing happens with nearly all of them. Brown, white, black or yellow people will lowball you. I'll never forget there was one preppy white guy whose member picture was a portrait of his family. The guy looked like had money. On a pair of $800 speakers I had for sale he offered me $250 shipped.