Audiogon Anti-Lowball Offer setting

Hey everyone,

I don’t know if you all saw this but I got an e-mail from A’gon stating they have a new feature in place to hinder insane lowball offers.

After you log in go to your Account and select Edit Account. Then scroll down in the Policies section there is a check box to automatically reject lowball offers.


Lowball offers

Automatically reject offers below 55% of your asking price,

I wish this could be user specific. I would have set this to 45% off of listing price for my tastes but it is a start for Audiogon.

Morning yogiboy

I hear you and I'm glad  you have had good luck with just putting Buy It Now. When I've listed an item as Buy It Now even with a price based on the average of what an item sold for I didn't get any hits. When I added the make an offer option more inquiries came in. Seems like with the budget gear I've sold people don't want to pay fair market value. They wants deals. I'm adjusting to this better now.
Maplegrovemusic is correct. I find some sellers are jacking up the price by several hundred dollars. Case in point and Mark Levinson 27.5 used to sell for $1700-$1900. A dealer had one not long ago for almost $2600. Has the Blue book gone up on Levinson? I actually emailed the dealer and asked if he made a mistake with the price and of course he said no and he wanted to sell it as quickly as possible but I thought at that price? Maybe he knew the market but Geez O Pete never thought an older 27.5 would increase that much in value.
@Jedinite24 How do you consider somebody making you a lower offer than your asking price to be equal to a slap in the face ? ,im curious how you determine a set value on the gear you sell.

Ive bought enough gear to drive the 2 massive systems i have now as well as the hundreds of pieces ive sold ,ive not paid asking price for a single piece ive bought,nor have i been paid asking price for all the gear ive sold ,which is why im wondering how you determine your gears value so definite you consider a lower offer equal to a slap in the face ? 
In my experience, most of the low-ball offers come from people who message you thru Audiogon, not those who make a formal offer on the site.

This reminds me when I had a McIntosh receiver for sale and a very nervous-sounding guy from Ohio went back and forth on Audiogon's messaging with me about issue after issue (will my rack accommodate?  will you drive and meet me half way? will you accept $$$? etc.)  After a few days of this, a nice young man from Texas made a formal offer, I made a counter offer and the deal was done.  When the guy from Ohio saw the unit had sold, he criticized me for selling the unit "out from under him".
I had a similar experience with someone from Ohio with lowball offer after lowball offer. 35 emails later I had him blocked from contacting me and added his direct emails to my spam folder. My dealer ended up selling my speakers for me.