Audiogon Ethics

I have been an Audiogon member for a couple of years and am very fond of the idea that we are building a community of audiophiles based on trust and honesty. I recently saw a sales ad for a piece by a member who I sold an identical piece to a few months ago (I can't say it is my original piece but it would strike me as odd that someone would own two identical units). If the seller is indeed advertising the unit I initially sold him, he is misrepresenting the condition of the unit (e.g., implying that he purchased it new and that its age is less than it actually is). My question to everybody on this list is what, if anything, to do about this?

I am concerned about the implications of dishonesty for our community of audiophiles in general. I believe this question merits discussion among members. I look forward to your responses. Thanks.

I strongly believe that the information contained in an individual's Audiogon ratings is critical in determining whether you want to do business with that individual. Over time, the rating should reflect the integrity of that individual which, to me, is the ultimate safeguard all of us have on this site.
I don't sell anything here but I have made some purchases. I am very capable of investigating an item before I buy it. I don't really like the idea of other people trying to protect me or trying to police other people's ads. I don't think you should be concerned about what someone is selling unless you want to buy it. Everyone on this site should be an adult and able to handle their own transactions. If you sold the item it isn't yours anymore and really none of your concern.
Perhaps we can all protect ourselves by posting serial numbers on all items listed for sale or auction? This would also monitor items that have mysteriously disappeared. In those cases where someone has had an item refurbished by the factory or other means, let them provide documentation.
I agree w/those who say you can't be sure the guy doesn't have two, or even more, of the same units. I have met at least two guys on this site who constantly buy and sell stuff and make a little money in the switch. I'm sure they have owned the same piece twice or have had two of the same pieces at one time, some people really enjoy the experimenting w/new stuff and the bargaining and small profit-making they may be able to pull off. I myself have bought and sold quite a few pieces, large and small, over the last year, but have not made ANY money in the transfer, oh well. I haven't lost too much, and every piece was something I wanted to try.
The foundation of our community is built on trust. We are lucky in that our hobby is limited in so far as the high end audio community is limited. Having had the opportunity to participate I have found, as most of us have, that my 9/10 is another participants 10/10 and that, for the most part, the descriptions of products that I have purchased or traded for are within a reasonable variance of their stated descriptions.

As far as outright lying is concerned, this should be first verified, then the participant should be given an opportunity to retract his or her statements or reconfigure price on the product to bring it in line with the actual condition of the component. If no solution is found, then it should be reported in negative feedback in the individual's my feedback section. I have sold equipment to people who immediately list it for a higher price than I sold it at. This does not bother me because I was satisfied with my deal, or I would not have completed the transaction. That is different from outright lying, assuming that their is no outright lying in the new sellers advertisement.