Audiogon is not responding to multiple inquiries

I'm trying to re- list unsold item, and A-gon system is trying to charge me $100, as for a new listing.

I wrote to Audiogon twice and received NO response, ZERO!

In lieu of the non insignificant fees ($100 in my case) they charge just for the posting of a sale ad., plus the transaction fees, if the sale has been completed, administration lack of response is very concerning.

I have been A-gon member for a very long time, and sold and bought multiple items over the years, and had never had this problem before.

Anybody else here had similar experience?

What?! Wow! For a second I said Audiogon is not responding to multiple injuries. You know, what with the level of hostility and angst on some of the threads recently. 😬

e-mails did go to my spam folder, that has never happened before.

The issue has been resolved.

Thanks to the A-gon administration.

I accept the full responsibility for my careless actions and will surrender myself to audiophile jail right after the holidays.