Audiogon Newsletter

Hey everybody,
I just got the first issue of the Audiogon email newsletter, did anyone else? I have to say it looks great, a good mix of info, news, pics, contests, and stuff for sale. I had no idea this was coming and I'm impressed. Just wondering what others think?
Mine came Saturday evening, but it looked "funny" to me. Come to find out, it was HTML encoded and i have my mail set up to read plain text. Once i turned on the HTML after reading this thread, it looked "better" and more like Agon ( colour and layout ), but i still couldn't see the pictures. For some reason, viewing pics that are Agon related and my "pop-up blocker" just don't seem to get along. Other than that, it was a pleasant surprise. Sean
Got mine early this evening on the right coast. Loved it ('course it helped that they included a pair of speakers I had for sale ;~).
I haven't received mine yet. If I need to sign up, please let me know where. Thanks.
I think it's a scam -- so make sure you don't sign up for the power supply giveaway!!!

I'm trying to figure out how to submit more entries.