I've been listening to some of my favorite recordings this weekend and was wondering what others on Audiogon felt were there favorites. We have all seen the Stereophile "Records to Die For", The Absolute Sounds recommended list, Music Directs' list, The Golden Ear, etc. now I'm hoping to assemble the Audiogon "Recordings To Die For". Please list your five favorite recordings, the ones you listen to over and over or play for friends. I would assume the sonic quality is excellent in that this is an audiophile site. The performance and enjoy ability should also be excellent. Please leave your top five, even if they are already chosen so we can discover the very top for the Audiogon listeners. ALSO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CRITICIZING OTHERS OPINIONS AND JUST LEAVE YOUR FAVORITES!

August 2002: I have compiled a summary and a full printer-friendly list of all of the recommendations below.
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In a glass house - Gentle Giant
Aja - Steely Dan
Chicago Transit Athority
Faces - Earth, Wind, & Fire
Dark side of the moon - Pink Floyd
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Abbey Road - Beatles
Beatles- Sgt. Pepper
Steve Earle- Jerusalum
Rebecca Pidgeon- The New York Girl's Club
Sade- Love Deluxe
Neil Young- Harvest Moon
I just finished listening to Tomasz stanko "From the gree hill" and it was pretty amazing.
Female Vocal-Track 11- "A Case Of You"- Diana Krall's "Live in Paris"
Female Vocal- Track 5- " Light My Fire"- Jacintha "Jacintha is Her Name"
Acoustic Guitar- Track 1- "No Messin" - Acoustic Alchemy "Radio Contact"
Instrumental Jazz(fogrein- Track 6- "Mistral"- Toshihiro Akamatsu "Six Intentions"
Piano (Medleys)- "Autumn in Seatle" CD by Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

These are my current favorites which I enjoy listening just about every day/night. My 2ch system: ML Ascent, Mc402, SF line2SE, Pioneer CLD-C604 LD/CD player.
Ataulfo Argenta Edition (box set)
Liszt 'Annees de Pelerinage' D.G. Lazar Berman
Suzanne Vega 'Solitude Standing'
Patti Smith 'Horses'
Gilbert and Sullivan 'Mikado" D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
Sinatra 'Come Fly With Me'
Cannonball Adderly 'Mercy"
Four Favorite Trios by Stern, Rose and Istomin
Pink Panther Mancini