Audiogon Seller Communication

Hi all, 

I like this website and the variety of items available for purchase. I think the sellers on this site want to be viewed as part of the audiophile community, and not just someone trying to make a buck. What bothers me is the lack of communication from sellers. If there's a problem causing a delay, just say so. I'm not beyond understanding that things happen. I've been waiting for a month for an item to ship. I've reached out to the seller twice and received the same answer both times. It will ship next week. Well, next week has come and gone, twice. I don't mind waiting but false assurances and the absence of timely communication are intolerable. This seller is not new and has many very positive reviews. I'm quite frustrated and perplexed.  


That 's not only on audiogon, it can happen anywhere as mentioned by others here. Even respectable audio companies. It happened to me. The real red flag to me, is as soon as you post your experience, the seller holds a long conversation with you. Regardless of the reasons for the original lack of communication, this is absolutely not cool. I would ask for a refund.

Most of the sellers are older, may have jobs, have illnesses,  family issues, vacations.  Goes with the territory.  The exchange of phone numbers goes far in facilitating communication. 

I think any seller should keep in mind that once a person buys something from you, from that point forward communication with that buyer should be a key point. If I ask a question about my order I expect a timely response, it doesn’t have to immediate but shouldn’t be 2 or 3 days or even longer before I hear something, or just be ignored entirely. If you just go dark on someone after they spend their hard earned money, don’t expect to be a seller for very long no matter where you sell those goods.

If you are a business that sells on here, you need to understand that once someone buys something from you that is just the beginning of what should be a good relationship, especially if you want that person to buy from you again, or better yet recommend you as a seller to other people so you can grow your business.

I don’t like giving sellers a negative review that could have an effect on their ability to make a living. As a last resort and after exhausting every other effort, I will let others know how my experience was as a warning of what to expect if they decide to purchase from said seller.

I have bought almost all of my equipment from PS Audio, not only do they sell very good audio equipment, their customer service is second to none. I had a problem with my BHK pre-amp a few months after the purchase, ended up having to send it back for repairs, had it back withing a week of sending it back to them. They bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of. That is only one example, any time I have had a question they always provide the answer within 24 hours unless it is the weekend or a holiday. Exemplary service!

Bottom line, if someone has a bad experience with a buyer they will probably never do business with them again, or recommend them to others. Customer service after the sale should be a natural part of your business, and one that you should take a lot of pride in. Just my 2 cents, for whatever that is worth.  Sorry for the long winded post.

Having spent my career as a sales rep in a highly time sensitive industry, I would always advise anyone who is acting as a seller to follow this rule.

Under promise and over deliver.

If you think you will be able to deliver the product in 2 weeks, tell the buyer it will be 3 weeks. That way the buyer is happy if it takes you little longer and he will ecstatic if he gets it a week early.