Ive found audioholics youtube videos very informative. Gene seems to know his sh... , but my knowledge base is about 00.  Building....If anyone is familiar with his videos I'm curious to know your opinion. Is he reputable?  Seems to give fair evaluations as far as i can tell. 


I was a subscriber to Audioholics and learned a lot from it but their emphasis seemed to move to home theatre and away from stereo and music.

True. Hes done some reviews of a couple products 2 channel related that im interested in. The Anthem str preamp and the NAD M66. I dont get the impression that hes trying to sell a product. He does alot of measurement comparisons that are Chinese to me but it seems that i can trust what hes saying is accurate.  Just my take. 



Gene is legit. His opinions and mine don't always agree, but then, neither do anyone else's. 😉