Ive found audioholics youtube videos very informative. Gene seems to know his sh... , but my knowledge base is about 00.  Building....If anyone is familiar with his videos I'm curious to know your opinion. Is he reputable?  Seems to give fair evaluations as far as i can tell. 


Gene knows his stuff and is unafraid to call a spade a shovel.  Ted, on the other hand, has a line of highly questionable, nonsense products for which he charges obscene amounts.  His interactions with forum members that question his products get nasty very quickly and name calling ensues.  Even the video shown above places menacing-looking Latino men directly behind him.  His videos showing his factory clearly shows a totally non-technical crew that is performing menial tasks with nary a soldering iron in sight.    I can only assume that Gene felt that any tests performed at Denney's place would be far from honest, and I would agree with that.  

Steve Guttenberg and John Darko.

I found them entertaining and a good entry into watching reviews but not very educational

I find Paul from PS audio very informative too.  Brief and to the point. He puts things in terms that a newbie like myself can understand.  Seems like a good dude.