Audiolab questions??

I have an audiolab 8000p amp and the matching 8000c pre-amp. The equipment is about 12yrs old but still works flawlessly. I have heard that I can bi-amp my system with this equipment. What do I have to purchase to accomplish this? Do I just have to find another 8000p and go from there? Any help would be appreciated. If the answer is yes does anyone out there know where I could find one of these amps??
The answer is yes. Artech Electronics was/is the distributor for Audiolab and I believe still has some Audiolab product to clear out (Audiolab was taken over by Tag MacLaren a couple of years ago). Do a web search for Artech Electronics and go to their web site. They're clearing out the Audiolab stuff at around 50% of retail. My 8000A is about the same age and is a fabulous amp.
I have an Audiolab 8000T with burnt-out bulbs in the face-plate (apparently a pretty typical problem with this otherwise terrific tuner). Anyone know 1) where in NYC or on the net that I can get new bulbs and 2) can I replace them myself, given a significant lack of mechanical ability? Thanks, Mark