Audiomeca Mephisto II vs. SACD and DVD-A

Have any body out there compared the sound character of the Mephisto II to any top of the line SACD or DVD player. Does the Mephisto II sound Better on red book CDs, or does SACD format and DVD-A sound better. If any body have any information. please, submit a review on this post. Thank you..
I own both an Audio Meca Mephisto transport / Audiomeca Dac and a Sony 9000ES DVD SACD player (with Aloia pre-amp, audio techne interconnects, Plinius amps and Dunlavy V speakers).

I have made a very careful comparison of Weather Report Heavy Weather on both players. First, I believe the source for the SACD may have been different from the source used for the re-issued red book CD. The background is quieter on the SACD and some of the instrumental phrasing seems slightly different. I actually prefer the CD for overall sound. The bass is fuller/deeper/more punchy and the transcients sharper on the CD. The electronic keyboards sound better on the CD, but the piano seems more correct on the SACD. The sax also sounds truer on the CD to me. This disk has lots of percussion and I feel the SACD is slightly harsh in some places.

I actually prefer the audiomeca so much that I no longer look for SACD releases. There is something special about this player. Indeed, I am actually satified with my system for the first time.
Eadese is correct. I have owned several high end CD players over the past year including a Marantz SA-1. While the Marantz was quite good with SACD, I felt it lacked the emotion of the Mephisto II. SACD is initially very impressive on the surface - loads of detail - expansive sound but in the grand scheme of things, it's not involving at all.

A direct A/B comparison between the Mephisto and an SACD player will show differences (minor) but extended listening will show you that there is a far greater sense of magic when the Mephisto is playing redbook than when an SACD is playing in another player. The Sony DVP-9000ES sounds two dimensional - almost mechanical. It plays all the notes but doesn't seem to put the feeling into the notes. I often attribute this to the differences in musicians - while some are good at playing all the notes, for whatever reason their performance might lack the emotion or soul which should be a part of the piece. This type of a performance which seems very sterile or mechanical, not emotional. I guess its the difference between a musician and a GREAT musician. In the case of the Mephisto vs. SACD players, I feel the SACD lacks soul and the Mephisto is overflowing with it. That is the difference between a CD (SACD) player and a GREAT CD player.

I have used the word "magic" many times to describe what a Mephisto does as it seems to be the most logical term. There really is no other way to describe the Mephisto in ways that people who haven't listened to it (deeply) can understand.

While Eadese is correct that newer SACD and even cheap DVD players seem quieter in the background than the Mephisto they cannot touch it for sheer delight and listening enjoyment.