AudioMeca vs. AudioAero vs. Electrocompaniet

Hi, Soon i will be looking for a cdp my choices are: Audiomeca Keops($1800 new) Audio Aero Prima(old model $1500 new model?) or a used 24/96 Electrocompaniet ( around $2200 with potential future upgrade $1K). I'm sure you can't go wrong on any of the 3. However a few comments may help me to make the best choice. I have a Jadis Orchestra(40 watt). So i need a cdp with good low frequency resolution. Thanks
A S O S you've hit on something here. RELIABLITITY My friends $3K CDP broke. Was NEW!! My $600 CDP broke as well. Was NEW!! I'm sure the AA and AM are reliable units but if the Electro unit qualifies for the additional word VERY then that answers my CDP quest.
...after I heard the Keops, I sold my Meridian 506.20 CDP and I bought the Audiomeca...very analog-like sound!...good bass extension and excellent the looks! wife loved it!...i don't think you can go wrong with any of the three, but my vote goes to the Keops...good luck!
Ok im down to two CDPlayers, the New audio aero capitole and the Accuphase 85.. both play amazingly well... Problem is price. The new AA Capitole is $5000 here in France, and the Accuphase 85 is a whooping $10k !!!! So i could buy two AA Capitole for 1 Accuphase 85.... but i do get the SACD bonus with the accuphase...decisions, decision.
So few SACD's avaliable, i don't know about you but i'm pickey when it comes to classical performances. The new Capitole is ONLY $5K in France I guess the US has import duties LUCKY YOU!
yeah well for ONCE we do get a good deal. You should see the prices of american gear over here, its absolutely ridiculous. In general, you x 2 the american price and you get the French price.