AudioMeca vs. AudioAero vs. Electrocompaniet

Hi, Soon i will be looking for a cdp my choices are: Audiomeca Keops($1800 new) Audio Aero Prima(old model $1500 new model?) or a used 24/96 Electrocompaniet ( around $2200 with potential future upgrade $1K). I'm sure you can't go wrong on any of the 3. However a few comments may help me to make the best choice. I have a Jadis Orchestra(40 watt). So i need a cdp with good low frequency resolution. Thanks
bwhite: i read with interest your statement that "Upon removing the Mephisto from my system and connecting the Sony DVP-9000ES I didn't immediately notice a difference." given the mephisto's first tier credentials (and price), i would expect the differences between that player and the 9000 to be immediately apparent on redbook cds. further, the typical reviews of the mephisto praise its delicacy and inner-detail, in contrast to the typically opposite complaints about the sony, which point to its dry digital sound (i own one too btw). shouldn't these players should be night and day?

my faith in the digital high-end is at stake here so please elaborate on your comments. :)
S2K_dude - When I stated, "Upon removing the Mephisto from my system and connecting the Sony DVP-9000ES I didn't immediately notice a difference." Was based on the fact that I was standing in the front of my room, between the speakers. It didn't take any longer than walking away from my rack to the sofa to realize that I needed to buy another Mephisto.
Mr.Bwhite should have a review page here on audiogon. Very open clear and honest opinions. Very unlike the "professional" reviewers. They are just like restaurant crictics they HAVE TO SAY mostly good to keep their jobs. Bwhite brings us a better understanding of these legendary digital units that most of us have not heard much less will ever own. But if I had the bucks its from Bwhites comparison review of three excellent products that i would make the best choice for me.
Thanks Tweekerman that was very nice of you! I just try to call it like I hear it. The thread got a little side tracked with all the high(er) end discussion and I apologize for that.

I will provide a "review" on this tread of the Keops when I get it. My friend has a Mephisto so I'll compare the Keops to it.

I know in your post you asked for a CDP with good bottom end extension. But have you tried an aftermarket power cord on your Orchestra? if so, which one? Also - what interconnects and speaker cables are you using? And of course, what speakers?.
Bwhite you have made some nice comments about the three players, and believe me no one has put the words better than you to describe the players with every single detail.
But, I have one thing in mind which is very important to me. I love musical, hologram, involving, life like and analog sounding presentaion. From what you mentioned I have the feeling that the Mephisto will suit my taste. But, I'm also a person who can not live without bass, I'm talking about natural extended deep bass not overblown boomy kind of bass. I hope you know what I mean. Since, you have been very helpful with your comments, from what I have understood is that the Mephisto lacks the ability for producing punchy bass that delivers straight to the heart not the mind. Could you please verify this matter, thank you..