AudioMeca vs. AudioAero vs. Electrocompaniet

Hi, Soon i will be looking for a cdp my choices are: Audiomeca Keops($1800 new) Audio Aero Prima(old model $1500 new model?) or a used 24/96 Electrocompaniet ( around $2200 with potential future upgrade $1K). I'm sure you can't go wrong on any of the 3. However a few comments may help me to make the best choice. I have a Jadis Orchestra(40 watt). So i need a cdp with good low frequency resolution. Thanks
Ah.... you're right! Gajgmusic - I am curious to know why you choose that solution over the stand alone player? I have talked to people before who were sold the Transport/DAC solution vs. the stand alone player. I wonder what the advantages (if any) there is to such a setup - especially since it is more expensive.

Honestly I am not sure how great the Mephisto is as a stand alone transport. While the combo of the Mephisto/Enkianthus should be at least equal to the Mephisto player - with the addition of a digital cable that could make a significant alteration to character - good or bad - I have always believed that its strengths were a direct result, more or less of the internal DAC. This could potentially lead to a more indepth conversation... couldn't it?
As noted, I have the DAC and separate transport. The issue of the two separate units was a bit of convenience for me. I had an old transport and thought I would just go with the DAC first. Once I heard and saw the DAC I bit the bullit and bought the transport. The dealer - who is a reasonable chap - indicated that the two units offer slightly better sound because on separates a number of elements which can interact in the cd player (single unit)are kept apart. I can't verify that as I have only heard the two unit combo. As mentioned before I am very pleased with the way it performs. I do know what you mean regarding the digitial cable as that is a concern to me. I have begun to try out a number of digital cables to see what they are like but don't have anything to report at the present. When I do I will be in touch. As others have mentioned I have begun to look for a solution for the 'computer cord' that connects the transport power suppy to the main unit - I am just in the process of getting something to try out and will also let people know about this. I'm always happy to talk about matters regarding this. I have also found that contacting m. lurne is very helpful (though I would say if he got a thousand emails he might be slower to reply) . I think what you hear about upgrades is important - as with many things - to take with a grain of salt. He indicated that the swiss company responsible for the DAC etc said new chips for the dac have not been built but will be adaptable. As far as new software they are in the process of considering this but only if they think it is likely to improve the music. They will have to look at the cost benefit ratio - but the unit is definitely upgradable. Jumps in the price - like 2000 us for the audioaero take the unit very near the price of something like a used CD12 - something I have only heard in a bad set up (Harrods department store) - but which begin to move out of my price range currently

Gary - Piere Lurne' has (on limited supply) replacements for the DB9 - RS232 (computer cord) power cord which runs from the power supply to the transport. I have no idea if they are better or not because I have never used one. A friend of mine is currently trying to purchase one.

My concern with the digital cable is that I presume it could affect the sound & character of the combined units tremendously, depending upon which of the (several hundred available) digital cable you select. I'd guess that the character of a stand alone Mephisto II Player would be easier to predict.
Mephisto vs. Keops

I received an Audiomeca Keops today which I purchased to use while I save money for another Mephisto. I recently had to sell my Mephisto to pay taxes and even up on some outstanding purchases I made.

While I have only spent 30 minutes with the Keops I must say it is a very nice solution for people who seek a high grade CD player in the $1200 --> $1500 (used) price range.

Upon receipt, I took the player to a friends house - who has a Mephisto II - to compare. While much of the "family sound" of the Mephisto is a component of the Keops, I feel it lacks the scale and dimension of the Mephisto. The Mephisto does a much better job of weaving the sonic fabric without leaving holes - whereas the Keops seems to leave a few places which need to be patched.... Can a good power cord or the right interconnects patch the holes completely? I do not know but experience tells me the right ones will certainly help to fine tune this great little player.

Compared to the finest CD players, the Mephisto is tops at layering the soundstage in a way that is more involving and realistic that it seems unfair to compare the Keops to the Mephisto in that category. Side by side & against the Mephisto, the Keops is certainly not a contender for the worlds greatest redbook CD player.

The Mephisto does an amazing job of extending/expanding the soundstage BETWEEN the speakers - adding depth and dimension, layers of texture, clearly defined images and the Keops doesn't quite close the gap - the space between the speakers is still full of lovely music but it's not thick, weighty or as dimensional.

Making the comparison a bit more fair -
The Keops does create a much more involving space when compared to the Sony DVP-9000ES. The texture and tonal qualities of the Keops are much more organic, real and touchable than those produced by the Sony. I don't know what DAC is used in the Keops but I was surprised to discover that it had detail equal to that of the Sony but without the edge.

This comparison was made between the Mephisto and Keops using NO aftermarket power cords on each and a run of Audio Note Kondo KSL interconnects - same goes for the Sony vs. Keops.

Not a bad 30 minutes. I look forward to listening more this evening.