AudioMeca vs. AudioAero vs. Electrocompaniet

Hi, Soon i will be looking for a cdp my choices are: Audiomeca Keops($1800 new) Audio Aero Prima(old model $1500 new model?) or a used 24/96 Electrocompaniet ( around $2200 with potential future upgrade $1K). I'm sure you can't go wrong on any of the 3. However a few comments may help me to make the best choice. I have a Jadis Orchestra(40 watt). So i need a cdp with good low frequency resolution. Thanks
Bryans comments on the keops are very thoughtful as always. It would not be surpising that audiomeca gear would tend to have a similar sound, manufacturers often tend towards this. I would certainly echo bryans comments about the soundstage of the mephisto. One point I might add is that it like any component is system dependent. I had a friend borrow my unit while I was away and he put it into an avant garde duo/joule system and thought it did not handle female vocals well. He is a huge music lover and I don't doubt his impressions. It may have been the lack of isolation - but this to me is one of my favorite sounds - and I thought the mephisto in my system excellent in this respect. Being canadian I have had a fair opportunity to listen to holly cole live and the mephisto in my system does a superb job of reproducing her voice. I have ordered the special power cable from m. lurne and will let people know of my impressions when I get it.

interesting comments Bwhite...i find the Keops very satisfying and i share all your impressions about the Keops ($1700 brand new in box) replaced the Meridian 506.20 and i'm quite happy with're right when you mention adding a better power cord...i changed the stock cord and it made a big difference...the Keops is the most analog sounding player below $ matches perfectly with my Innersound system...
Iasi - thanks. The Keops is very satisfying. I got to spend the evening with it last night and it is sounding quite good. Since the Keops is a temporary replacement for my Mephisto - I put it up for sale. Because hopefully by the time it sells, I will have enough cash to re-buy a Mephisto.

Given that my tastes for high end audio have become insatiable - I find that living without the Mephisto in my system had been very difficult. The Keops is a warm and friendly reminder of the more expensive player - and a glimpse of what lies ahead. As I expected, the Keops is the best companion I could ever hope for while I am without the much more expensive Mephisto.

It is a very good player.
Hey guys, has any body out there tried the Electraglide power cords. whether it is the reference glide Mk lll or the fat boy. The Electra glide is a very promising Power cord if not the best. I haven't owned one yet, but I heard the fat boy at someones place, and it lifted the CD player to a whole new level, which gave it a silent background, reduced the noise floor and made the separation between instruments more realistic, which made the performance of music very tangible. The changes were realy dramatic. You ought to try them.
Farhad - I really like Electraglide power cords. My favorite place for them however is on amplifiers. The manufacturer doesn't recommend them on CD players unless its the P/T Glide. The FatMan K 2000 is amazing! And for solid state lovers, the Original Fat Boy (first version with three tubes inside the mesh & copper plug) is fantastic! Of course with all power cords, you should do what sounds good to you.