Audiophile AC Outlets

Not sure what topic to post this under, so here it goes.

Looking for recommendations on real experiences with adding audiophile AC outlets to your system?  What brands are recommended by your personal experiences?

There are many versions on the market with varying designs, materials, and pricing.  Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

High end outlets are a worthy improvement. I have Oyaide, and Synergistic Blue, and they are both a big improvement over standard code outlets. Hospital grade is a joke, don't bother. Will merely grip better, that is all.  

It seems to me however that outlets are not worth the money until after you've already made improvements to power cords and power conditioner. That is because the expense of just one outlet is a pretty decent percentage of the cost of a conditioner or power cord. The conditioner handles several components. The outlet only two. So usually it would be conditioner first, then the outlet everything plugs into. Unless of course the wall outlet is total loose crap, in which case its probably worth the money just to not have to keep pushing it back in all the time. 

But this business of what to do and in what order is really small potatoes. Bottom line, yes, a good high end outlet is a worthy of doing.

Here are some that are on the market:

Pangea Audio Premier AC Outlet - $29.00
PS Audio Power Port Classic AC Receptacle - $49.00
Cardas Duplex Power Outlet - $135.00
Wattgate 381 AU TR Audio Grade Receptacle - $148.00
AudioQuest NRG Edison 20 - $179.00
Furutech GTX-D (G) Duplex Copper Receptacle - $215.00
Furutech GTX-D NCF(R) AC Receptacle - $270.00

I have the Shunyata AC outlets, connected to a dedicated 20 amp line, feeding PS Audio PowerPlants with either AQ Tornado or Shunyata Delta NR power cables. I am happy with that. 
..depends what you want....I tried a few different ones and settled on Meistro which sounded to me the least colored.