Audiophile AC Outlets

Not sure what topic to post this under, so here it goes.

Looking for recommendations on real experiences with adding audiophile AC outlets to your system?  What brands are recommended by your personal experiences?

There are many versions on the market with varying designs, materials, and pricing.  Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

..depends what you want....I tried a few different ones and settled on Meistro which sounded to me the least colored.
I use the Pangea wall duplex for my Audioquest Powerquest 2.  This is specifically for my TV, Cable box, and router.  It is quite sufficient.  For the real deal, I use an Audioquest NRG Edison Duplex that is terminated to a dedicated 20 amp line.  Connected to that is an Audioquest Niagara 3000 for my entire 2-channel system.  It works exceptionally well and was a significant step up from the standard 15 amp line with a standard wall outlet.  The difference is remarkable.

If you are going to have a power conditioner than you absolutely should change the wall duplex to at least a respectable grade unit.  Even without a power condition there is still plenty of benefit by having a respectable grade wall outlet.  I find the Audioquest NRG Edison Duplex to be the best value, considering the materials and the build quality.  There are more expensive, but I don't believe they are necessarily any better for delivery of current.  You will increase the capacity of your system every time you increase the quality of ancillary components (and yes, I do believe that AC delivery is a component of an audio system).  The more you do for your system the better it will be able to deliver its capacity.  This applies to all applications, such as vibration management/control.  But that is an entirely different subject.  Regarding AC, I stick to my above statement.
Synergistic Research orange, noticable improvement over blue, which itself was an improvement over standard
Audioquest nrg Edison grips like a my AQ niagara 1200 plugged into one, and my furman pst-8 into the other. The circuit is an independent 20 amp from panel with 12/2 romex. Power chords include an AQ Thunder, and several AQ nrg X3’s.