Audiophile Adventure Weekend in NJ Highlands/Water Gap

HI Audio Friends:

I am testing the waters for an audiophile adventure weekend and fund raiser for autumn 2020—consider this a sort of focus group posting. I recently took a position at an outdoor experiential education facility in Northwest New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap, just off Route 80. We offer a variety of outdoor programming that promotes social-emotional learning, teambuilding and leadership skills among our primary service population, which includes children age 8-17 from under-resourced communities in the tri-state area. We have a variety of low and high ropes challenge courses, rappelling, a zip line as well as a variety of watersport activities on our own lake such as canoeing and kayaking. Kids also engage in hiking around the property and evening activities like campfires and night walks. For many of our participants this is the first time they have ever experienced nature and the great outdoors. Our guests stay in rustic cabins with bunks that include stoves for chilly nights. We have separate, modern washhouse facilities located adjacent to the cabins. Delicious, nutritious meals are served family style in our central lodge.

What I have in mind is inviting area audiophiles to spend a weekend (Saturday-Sunday) at the facility forming bonds by engaging in a variety of morning adventure course programming on campus with our expert facilitators. Afternoons and evenings would be dedicated to exploring our shared passion: music, both live and recorded. The idea is to invite a team of well respected designers/manufacturers to assemble a high quality system in the living room of an adjacent property owned by the facility. The designers would have the opportunity to play music selections (participants would be encouraged to bring their favorite demo material), talk about their design goals and answer questions. The experience may also include attending a live performance at a small local music hall nearby that has a great sound system and a neat retro-vibe. Lodging and meals would be provided for the entire stay, as would tickets to any concert for those who wish to attend.

The goals of this event include providing area audiophiles and music lovers with a chance to connect over a shared passion—live and recorded music and audio playback equipment (digital and vinyl), allow a handful of manufacturers an opportunity to demonstrate their gear in a relaxed, real-world setting while connecting with each other and potential clients, and finally, to raise money for an intensive summer program at the facility that provides a rich educational experience for a broad population of young people from under-resourced communities throughout the tri-state area.

To those who might be interested I’d appreciate your questions and suggestions. I’d also appreciate knowing how much of a “donation” you think might be right given the experience I have outlined and the worthiness of the cause. Should I offer a one day “pass” for Saturday or Sunday as well as a full two day option? I’d love to hear from NY/NJ/PA audiophiles and get a sense of how many people might be interested in signing up. I’d also welcome PM’s from designers/manufacturers/dealers who may be interested in participating as well as from tri-state area audio societies who may be interested in attending as a group.

Let me know what you think and thanks!

I would be interested as a manufacturer repair facility.  We are planning to open a listening room in northern NJ shortly.

PM me if you would like.