Audiophile book of "Common Sense"

It has often been said that,"common sense is very uncommon in the world", and I believe that applies even more to our passion/hobby in the audiophile world. I thought it would be fun and useful to compile an "Audiophile Book of Common Sense" that would contain guidelines and suggestions to help us make good decisions by using our "common sense" towards our passion. So, I'm going to offer a few guidelines to start this project off, but hope the rest of you Gon members will jump right on board and share your suggestions with the rest of us members. 1) No one technology is superior to another technology. Examples- non-upsampling DACS vs upsampling DACS, tubes vs solid-state amps, planar vs box-enclosed speakers, silver vs copper wires, etc. Each has its own merits/differences but not superior to the other one. 2) The difference in the sound of your system with a new piece of equipment doesnot necessarily mean an improvement towards the sound of music in the long run. 3) More expensive equipment usually means better build quality and performance but not necessarily so. 4) Companies that come out with a new product and a few months later have a new "generation" of that piece or a replacement for it are either just trying to sell more through the hype of "new and improved" or came out with their product before it was a finished design. 5) All REVIEWERS should not be trusted, but read for two reasons. First, for fun/entertainment and to see what new products are coming out that you might be interested in, that's all. 6) Your PERSONNAL TASTE is the most important factor when putting together your home system. Your EAR'S nobody else's opinion. 7) Always, if possible, do home audtions of any equipment your interested in that might possibly lead to you purchasing it. 8) System synergy is always important. How an individual piece matchs the +/- of the rest of your system. 9) When audtioning new pieces always go back to your orginial reference point and then see/hear if the new piece has better sonics virtues than your old gear. 10) If your lucky enough to end up with a great sounding system, be very wary of claims such as," this new amp just BLOWS away my old ML-mono 33's". Sonics do improve with better electronics, but in small % not in gross ways unless there was something terribly wrong/missing in your original piece of equipment. But its a great come-on to pray on audiophiles not using their "COMMON SENSE". 11) Their is NO the "BEST" in the world, but many wonderful pieces of equipment that give the pleasure of coming closer to the illusion of real music. So, don't get your EGO involved keeping up with the latest/greatest in the world of high end audio. 12) Just have fun and don't take any of our hobby to seriously!
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That's my words of wisdom for the budding Audiophile. You can thank me later.