Audiophile Classical cds?

Looking to broaden my classical collection. I don't really know much other than I have tended to enjoy what gets termed 'warhorses' (Beethoven and Mahler's 9th, holst - the planets) and also the more serious chamber pieces.

Need some recommendations to get things rolling. Top notch sound is a must have as I have found that it really keeps me engaged. I'd like to get a set of 15 or so must have classical audiophile cds. Any Ideas?

Cheers, Nik
You WILL get people who question the performances of my recommendation but most would likely agree the sound is excellent - look into almost anything by Reference Recordings.

Personally, call me a non-purist but I do like the performances and love the sound of them - particularly Eiji Oue and Fennell. Exotic Dances, Ports of Call, Holidays and Epiphanies, Arnold Overtures, Bersteins Candide, Pomp and Pipes, Respihi's Bedlkus, Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances, Tutti Sampler and Mepshisto are just a few of the titles. They are very dynamic recordings.

Also, check out some of the XRCD2 or XRCD24 classical titles.

Good luck and good listening.
You might want to check out the Diversity Records, Ltd. from Elusive Disc, 800-782-3472. In particular, the "Violoncello". Also, the Tchaikovsky "Seasons" has an insane violin player, very fast and gutsy. There was a review at Pos. Feedback a couple of years ago. Amazing sound. Sacd hybrids.
If you decided to get into SACD or Vynil, you will find more classical music then you will know what to do with. And it will sound very very good.

I'll let the more seasoned classical listeners recommend which is best.
I'll just throw this out there for what it's worth...

I think you'll will find that a lot of serious classical music listeners are primarily concerned with the quality of the performance when choosing a recording.

The quality of the recording is secondary and for my money mostly irrelevant.

Now if a better quality disc is available, then fine. The Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab vinyl LP's come to mind. A lot of the MFSL vinyl LP's were reissues of famous recorded performances, so they are worth collecting whether you are an audiophile or just a music lover.
Brahms String Sextet op 18 in B flat major, by the Leipziger Quartet (+ an additional violist and cellist) on Dabringhaus und Grimm (MDG). This is truly wonderful music and is a gorgeous recording. As an aside, I have found the MDG label produces recordings easily on a par with the highly regarded ECM label.