Audiophile Grade Multi channel Power Amplifier

Hi All.

I am looking for a Warm smooth sounding Multi channel amplifier either in 3 channels or 5 or even 7.

At the moment im using a ATI 3007 with Danley Sound Labs. Any Recommendation would be appreciated.

all Class A discrete amps ... best on the block IMO

Google for the various current models and legacy models out there
If you are after warm and smooth, Mcintosh all they way.

They have several breeds for the multichannel setups. 200 by 5 or 7. 300 x 3, 300x2 etc.

MC205, MC207. MC302. etc.

Recently deployed a 5 channel in a system with b&w in walls. Spectacular sound and beautifully precise imaging.
I just invested in a brand new Rotel RMB-1555 multi-channel amp (5 channels), 120 watts/ch into 8 ohms all channels driven. This is a conservative rating. It's breaking in beautifully and I am extremely pleased with its natural warm and smooth sound. I listen to music in multi-channel formats completely surrounding me (coming at me from all sides). This is powering an Integra 40.2 AVR and together they work well. The unit is built like a "military tank" and is one well made solid piece of machinery !! You can't go wrong with the build quality and sound of Rotel audio products.