Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle

Moving homes.  Any recommendation for quality wall receptacle?   Pangea?  Audioquest?





Most of us would have a line conditioner with multiple receptacles on it. If you were just to change the wall receptacle to one of those grippier ones, wouldn’t it make sense to replace all the receptacles in your system to fully take advantage of loose or questionable receptacles. 


I use the Audioquest NRG Edison receptacle made of beryllium copper. "Audioguy85"

I use Cardas AC outlets. "robert53". 

Both are as god as and $100 less than Furutech and Oyaide .

Piss your money away. Hospital grade is all you need.  "jerryg123"

Medical grade plugs are great especially for the price but after doing a shootout using a 4 outlet box a basic Pangea came in last followed by a double cryoed medical grade , then a PS Audio and the winner was Audioquest NRG Edison .


Im surprised no one has mentioned the damage that recepatcle can cause to the spades on your expensive cables.  Furutech’s are the only ones that will not damage your connectors.  Take that for what its worth to you.

@dznutz - I haven't used Furutech, nor for that matter any other "boutqiue" outlet; I use industrial grade outlets , so I am asking this for information purposes -


What is the basis for your statement Furutech outlets are the only ones that will not damage connectors?

What other "boutique" outlets have you tried that caused damage, why, and what type of damage?