Audiophile license plates

In the 1980's California allowed auto owners to purchase personalized license plates. I think I'm about ready for one now.

Do any of you have an audiophile themed plate on your auto?

I was thinking of using HIFIMAN , TURNTBL, TUBEPRE, PREAMP, REEL2RL, MONOBLC or something of the sort.

Please post your suggestions for my new plate. You are allowed only 7 spaces on the plate for your name...including any blank spaces.

Here is a ''combo package'' made up of one licence plate and one bumber sticker, placed just below the plate.

License plate: HELPME2
Bumper sticker says: ''...escape from this crazy Audio hobby''
if your srereo cost as much as mine use BROKE...OR FOR A REAL TAG HOW ABOUT....SNDSGD
Yes, the answer is a "White" VW Rabbit.
(BTW, sorry I did not answer quicker!)

I remember reading that riddle about 20 years ago in the now defunct magazine Omni.
off topic, but the best one I've seen was a LE CAR that had a plate that said 'LE TAG'