Audiophile novice needs your expert opinion

I recently purchased an Acurus 125x5 for my home theatre system.I love the amp,but I have a small humm-buzz in every channel(speaker) My last system I had a Classe CA-100 pre-outted for my front channels and the reciever amplifying the center and rears,and it was dead quiet no humm.After experimenting I found it(the humm-buzz)was coming from my cable TV connection at the wall.(very close to the outlet for my HT)If I disconnect the cable line the humm-buzz stops.What is this from? And what can I do to stop the humm-buzz? I would appreciate any help. Happy Holidays- John
Get yourself the "magic box" from Aragon/Acurus/Klipsch(any Klipsch/Aragon dealer can order it) and it will solve your problem.You shoud be able to get it for around 100.00.
Thanks Audiophiles.There was a very informative forum on the Mondial webpage.Someone explained that by using two Radio Shack parts(15-253, 15-1140)you could transform 75 ohm signal to 300 ohms and then back to 75 ohms,and this would cure the problem for about 4 dollars.In my factory sealed box from Mondial there was a brochure for there Magic Box,which basically does the same thing for 100.00 dollars.Gee you think its a coincidence or what? Thanks again. John
The easiest, cheapest, and most effective thing to do is get a cheater plug and lift the ground on your system. This will eliminate the hum and plugs cost something like 50 cents each.
JOND- Thanks,Thats the first thing I tried and it did NOT work.When I unscrew my cable connection,the buzz stops completely.
I would NOT lift the ground from your electrical components. It is dangerous, not worth the risk, and there are other ways around it. I'm sure a search on ground loop will produce many threads. There is also an article posted on the SMR theater forums about it.