Audiophile pre-amps with home theater pass through

I am aware of conrad johnson and the new PS Audio pre-amps that have a theater pass through.
Does anyone know of some other quality pre-amps that have this the $2000.00 or less range?
BAT pres w/remote have a unity gain feature that allows them to be used is pass-thru mode.
Adcom GFP 750 (good) at about $700 =/- used, or Muse Model 3 Signature (significantly betters the Adcom) at about $2300 new (you will not likely find it used). The BAT SS pre amps like VK40 I believe have it, and the tube units have the unity gain as posted above - be sure to ck features on the specific model you are looking at. It is a great feature if you only have one listening/HT room.
Proceed PRE is a good ss preamp w/ pass through and is selling very cheap used now since Proceed is being incorporayed into the Levinson line.