Audiophile Priorities and Recent Topics

I'm increasingly fascinated by the number of threads that have been created lately by OP's who have joined over only the last 2 months with less than 30 posts that all seem related to the importance of wires and tweaks. While I'm not dismissing the notion that everything matters in hifi (including digital cable), it seems that these topics vastly overwhelm thread topics that clearly would have more influence to hifi audio sound such as discussions of the sonic characteristics of various amplifier topologies, the importance of simplifying the signal path, and identifying fantastic speaker/amplifier synergies, etc...

If some unsuspecting newbie were to stumble onto this forum they would likely come away thinking that a fuse or a piece of wire are the most important elements towards obtaining wonderful hifi sound. This is unfortunate. For example, my discovery of listening to a SET circuit years ago paired with speakers possessing a high and flat impedance greatly outshines any joy derived from identifying the finest digital cable produced by man. I'm simply questioning the hifi priorities that this forum seems to be obsessed with lately.

Is it just me?
That’s a pretty weak defense MC.

Some folks like that you know. Wiser to get to know better who you are dealing with first don’t you think, before you find yourself in an unanticipated adventure ?

Who knows, those expensive cables might have a use for which they are unintended, but pleasurable all the same, maybe more so.
all the computer stuff not in a Faraday cage belongs on a pow con connected via dedicated line to the “ dirty “ leg of your panel. Computer includes switch mode power wall warts.

tweak 101
@kennyc is correct. I really need to refrain from letting MC drag me down to his level - a level that only exists in a vocabulary full of "butt hurt", "rent free", YouTube links, and "whatever". Honestly, what adult talks like that? His actions will create his own inescapable "brand" so I’m fine with stepping away and allowing him to live with the legacy documented in these pages. People are smart enough to see what’s going on - that’s for sure.

I’m very much encouraged by the input this thread is generating - lots of folks chiming in with their audio priority weightings. Thanks to all.
... for the first time in the 40 odd years I’ve been working with stereo I’m happy with the sound ...
I've seen comments like this before and it just amazes me. I really don't mean to sound disrespectful but just to be clear: You've been actively working at this for four decades and only now have been happy with the sound?!? That just boggles the mind.

I really don't mean to sound disrespectful but your mind is easily boggled.