Audiophile Priorities and Recent Topics

I'm increasingly fascinated by the number of threads that have been created lately by OP's who have joined over only the last 2 months with less than 30 posts that all seem related to the importance of wires and tweaks. While I'm not dismissing the notion that everything matters in hifi (including digital cable), it seems that these topics vastly overwhelm thread topics that clearly would have more influence to hifi audio sound such as discussions of the sonic characteristics of various amplifier topologies, the importance of simplifying the signal path, and identifying fantastic speaker/amplifier synergies, etc...

If some unsuspecting newbie were to stumble onto this forum they would likely come away thinking that a fuse or a piece of wire are the most important elements towards obtaining wonderful hifi sound. This is unfortunate. For example, my discovery of listening to a SET circuit years ago paired with speakers possessing a high and flat impedance greatly outshines any joy derived from identifying the finest digital cable produced by man. I'm simply questioning the hifi priorities that this forum seems to be obsessed with lately.

Is it just me?

I am 67 years old. The brain cells are dyin’ by the billions as I write this. By the time I finish this post I may be ready for assisted living.

I saw Jimi Hendrix perform at the midnight concert at the Fillmore East. That used to give me bragging rights. Now it just dates me.

But I digress: don’t take what I write literally. 😉

The guiding philosophy behind my choices have not changed over those 53 years. And I’m not at it all the time. I will go for stretches of 10 years here, 5 years there, where it’s f#*k it, good enough, just listen to the music please. And it has always been way better than anything my friends had. It came in great in the loft, we would have “The Loft” style parties twice a year: once at the end of the summer, and New Year's. We could pack 130 people in there. 

I don’t go crazy over this audio stuff. I have excellent hearing, I do the best with what my wallet and my ethics allow me to do.

It’s 58 years of collecting LPs. That’s 6,000+ LPs. I have started the process of weeding out 600.
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It’s 58 years of collecting LPs. That’s 6,000+ LPs. I have started the process of weeding out 600.

If you have any interesting 50s/60s/early70s jazz that you want to purge just reach out ;-)
Just to be clear: I have been at this audio thing a long, long time, going all the way back to r.a.h-e days, and long before. But it did strike me odd that anyone could pursue audio for 40 years and only now be happy with the sound.

My system has improved a lot over the decades, but it’s always made me happy. That’s why I stay with it, and it’s also why I don’t play golf.
@ whart:

I listen to both crushing metal and classical chamber. My system must be able to comfortably handle both.