Audiophile quality USB Cable.. does it exist?

The only one I can find is Monster Cable, or does cable quality matter when it comes to USB?
I've used four different USB cables, just for fun, because
I already happened to own them.

Each of the four cables are less than a few years old,
and all visibly fine. One happened to be the
$29, 6' Monster, the others standard things that
shipped with a scanner and printer, and also
a tiny retractable cable with a very thin cord.

No one of the four cables made any difference at all.
I wasn't necessarliy surprised. Bits is bits.
I looked at the Cardas and Kimber sites. I could not find a USB cable on either of them. Perhaps they have not updated their sites with them yet.
I don't know about Cardas, but Kimber makes a hell of a USB cable. I have several in various lengths in my system. I noticed a nice improvement over other silver plated USB cables when it came to video and audio playback and file transfer. Highly recommended!!!! I purchase mine through The Cable Company.