audiophile rockers

I was listening to Steely Dan's Katy Lied CD ( played the LP endlessly in the seventies) and was reading the updated liner notes by Becker and Fagen...they were mastering the sound with double Maggies and an Audio Reseach D-76 amp back in 1974. Are there an other audiophile rockers like those two?
Katy Lied was one of the first albums recorded with dbx noise reduction. Unfortunately the encoder malfunctioned, and they were never able to recover the original fidelity, even when dbx tried to hand tweak a decoder to complement the flaws in the faulty encoder.
I totally believe that about Katy Lied! I always wondered why it sounded dull.
several years ago someone was selling a HQD speaker system (Hartly, Quad ,Decca) that was supposed to be owned by Chick Corea.

also, over on AA, Henry Rollins mentioned in an article that he was an Audiophile

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam is a huge vinyl guy. Back when the cool question to ask by interviewers was "what's on your iPod," Vedder stated he doesn't have an iPod or even a CD player; he only listens to vinyl. The album VS' CD release was delayed because Pearl Jam wanted it released on vinyl first. It drove the record company insane (I think it was Sony), but they had enough clout after Ten. The CD version was released two weeks after the vinyl, much to the displeasure of the label and radio stations. A couple of DJs loved it, but I'm sure the execs weren't thrilled. A lot of customers weren't happy waiting for the CD, as by this point most had abandoned their turntables.

Actually, it may have been Vitology, not VS. Either way, a great story IMO.