Audiophile's New Year Resolutions?

Ok, I've spent a small fortune upgrading this past year (again). I am satisfied with all my current equipment. Plinius SA250 MKIV, Audio Research REF 2, Meridian 508.24 CDP, Dynaudio Contour 3.3's, NBS Monitor I speaker and XLR ic's, Black Diamond Shelves, Viper Powersnakes, etc. I do not need anything else. My system sounds great. I can be quite satisfied with what I have for at least a few years.

I will not logon to Audiogon daily, just to check the new classified listings. I can't imagine my system sounding any better. (Although, I'd like to get shorter speaker cables and maybe check out a dac and there's all those hundreds of albums that I always took extra care not to scratch that a new turnatable...)Oops!

Happy New Year!
My audiophile New Year's resolution is to not buy any more gear in 2002 -- except for the stuff I either want or need.
Ya; my resolution is to stay away from all you sickies;that keep making me buy more and more. After all,I only have 2 ears.Watts/is watts; all cables sound alike; cd players all turn at the same speed;woofers is woofers; tweeters is tweeters. I just hope my illegal substances business picks up next year so I can be up there with Albert and Kelly.--Happy New Year to all!!
Now if I can only forget about the last two zero's on the check for the turntable and speakers at Rockport. We'll maybe first the lobotomy then the check. Or is it first the check, then the divorce, then the lobotomy.

Or is it first the tuition for the three kids at private schools, then the lobotomy then the check.

Maybe I'm so burnt out the lobotomy is superfluous.




If I only keep this up for all of 2002 I don't need to worry about the check or...

Bill E.
My New Year's Resolution is to find enough time to start really enjoying all the "stuff" I've been accumulating over the last year. Sometimes I feel like a junkie; I get overly anxious awaiting the next big day of new listings. It isn't enough that Audiogon has the most comprehensive variety of audiophile equipment available on any given day, but I feel like I gotta cheat on them and go wandering about on other like sites just to make sure that some other sneaky addict hasn't just listed that obscure and rare piece that I just knew I had to have and thought I'd never see for a price that I just couldn't refuse. Oh well! I know that if I don't keep looking every day, that the one day I miss will be the one day that I see that thing marked SOLD before I ever got a chance to make it mine. I got to stop..Please God, help this weak soul become strong again. Happy New Year everybody!!!