Audiophile Speakers for Rock, HipHop and Techno

I love many genres of music. Having a hard time finding a speaker that sounds great with hip hop, techno and rock. Suppose I should mention I've auditioned the Dynaudios Hertiage Specials and Sonus Faber Oylmpia Nova 1s. They sound fantastic with classical, acustic guitar, female voices etc... But what audiophile speaker ..especially at the 7-8k price point doesn't. Idk..  Im starting to think I need two sets of speakers. Sonus Faber Olympica Novas sound beautiful...then maybe a pair for other genres of music. Any suggestions for speakers that sound great for hip hop rock and tecno? I'm only able to do bookshelves...and I do have a pair of RELs already.

My pwr amp is a coda no.8 v2 @ 250w


it is about which speakers (not design processes, not designs, but finished speakers) may make certain genres sound better or worse to listeners using them

Such a speaker might make a certain recording sound better but its impossible for it to do that for an entire genre! I think this myth persists on account of certain recordings rather than an entire genre.

It most certainly isn't a myth that many speakers, most even, don't provide sufficiently extended bass to do justice to electronica.

There is no specific voicing required, just additional low frequency extension.

Even in the pro sound field, the subwoofers deployed by big sound systems have moved away from the 'Big Bertha's to the Danley Labhorns, precisely because they go deeper, as required by modern dance music.

Surprised no one's recommended Goldenear Triton References.  I've had a pair for 2 years.  Best thing I heard without spending at lease 2x the $$$.  My opinion of course.  I was in the audio business in the late 70's but moved on to another life.  Always kept up with home audio, and I just don't know that there's much competition in that $$$ range.  Before I blow up this thread, this is my opinion only. The bass response is awesome and plentiful and I have always loved Heil tweeters. I was an ESS dealer in the 70's early 80's.   Hope this helps!

It most certainly isn't a myth that many speakers, most even, don't provide sufficiently extended bass to do justice to electronica.

That is true and those same speakers don't do justice to classical music either! Classical music can have some serious bass drum whacks along with 16Hz organ pedal tones; 'if the room isn't shaking something's wrong' kinda thing.

Well it is true that some speakers move more air than others and this is a valid consideration. But if the only thing that the speaker does well is bass it is a bad speaker. Same is true of SPLs. These issues have nothing to do with one speaker sounding better on a certain genre of music however. If the bass is done correctly and all other pieces are in place, this lower bass speaker will sound better on all types of music.